D. Caleb Hughes | LPL Advisor | Cornerstone Wealth Services

D. Caleb Hughes

LPL Wealth Advisor

As a skilled independent advisor with 15 years of experience, Caleb Hughes serves as a fiduciary*, prioritizing your needs and interests above all else to implement a plan that instills financial confidence. He understands both short and long-term goals, recognizing that each client relationship comes with unique needs.

Customizing an investment plan specific to your needs, Caleb considers your time horizon and risk tolerance while striving for your desired outcomes. The team finds comprehensive financial planning and investment advisor roles are held separately for most clients. Financial planning is specific to clients’ goals, both quantitative and qualitative. The team’s mission is to establish short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term financial goals that align with clients’ core values.

Since 2008, Caleb has valued establishing personal connections with his clients, truly understanding what matters most to them and guiding them through both the practical and emotional facets of investing. He takes pride in witnessing his clients navigate life’s various stages, seeing the financial objectives they set together come to fruition.

Caleb received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Indiana, driven by the goal of using his investment knowledge to serve others. He has aspired to create an environment where every client feels recognized and valued.

Outside the office, Caleb enjoys golf, quality time with his wife Kacie during vacations, and supporting and coaching his children, Cora and Calvin, in their various activities. As lifelong residents of Carmi, the Hughes family is deeply committed to giving back to their community, actively participating in community improvement boards and supporting outreach and industry improvement efforts throughout Southern Illinois and beyond.

* fiduciary relationships are with advisory clients only